Over 30 young mothers are no longer hopeless after ongoing training from SNEC RWANDA

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Thirty two young mothers are in unlimited joy after an ongoing  training of hair dressing and sewing machines offered by the Office of Catholic Education in Rwanda (SNEC RWANDA).

They are young mothers who  were living in anxiety,  many of them were students in secondary school but they dropped out schools after being impregnated, they were hopeless for the future.

Nowadays it is not the case as they have started learning some hands-on skills including hair dressing and sewing machine through the Industrial Based Training project  offered by SNEC Rwanda, they are now feeling happy and hopeful.

Kayitesi Vestine is one of them, she was impregnated and the boy did not take care of her, she started learning hair dressing and now she can do different hair styles. She says that now, she started earning some money.

“It’s two months now since we started, when I arrived here I knew nothing, but now I can do different hair styles like Pencil, Puff hair style, braided hair style, and so on. I could not even know how to drive the hand and finger while making hair, but now I can even teach other.” She said

Uwimpundu Diane, is their trainer, she said that today she is hopeful that the future of those girls will be so bright.

“It is two months since we started, I can see that things are good comparing to where we started. When they came they were hopeless, but day after day, I try to change their mind showing them that they must have hope for the future, but today they started looking good, I am hopeful.”She said

These two groups of young, mothers have hope for their future, they are no longer hopeless, and they say that they still need support of equipment which they can use to start their own business.

Young mothers who are learning sewing machines
They were learning how to make buttons
Young mothers who learn hair dressing

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