Vision & Mission

SNEC’s Vision

« A society guided by human and Christian Values»

The National Secretariat for Catholic Education (SNEC) was established by the Conference of the Catholic Bishops of Rwanda in 1962. It is a technical office mandated to plan and coordinate all activities oriented to the implementation of the teaching mission of Catholic Church in Rwanda. Therefore, it participates in the incarnation of the vision of the Catholic Church which is to improve the quality of education accessible to all children. This vision is rooted in the Christian belief that each person, even a child, is endowed with an intrinsic worth and dignity which impose respect and humanizing promotion to individuals, political, religious and lay institutions through integral education.

SNEC’s Mission

To Evangelize, to Teach and to Educate

From the specific goals and objectives of Catholic education, the SNEC draws its mission in the context of Rwanda:

  • To contribute to the GoR’s efforts to strengthen its education system throughout the country by establishing new education institutions at all levels and maintaining those already exist;
  • To enhance the moral aspect of education by instilling spiritual and human values;
  • To take part in the development of national education programmes as they should aim at providing children with integrated programmes able to develop intellectual, spiritual, moral, cultural, economic, political, professional and physical performances;
  • To initiate or take part in researches about effective management of formal and informal education and challenges of balancing practical and theoretical education.

Up to date, the Catholic Church in Rwanda manages and participates in the management of more than 45% of all schools throughout the country. Numerically, she holds 1,381 schools attended by 1,273,593 students allocated as follows: 1105 primary schools, 266 O’level and 317 A’level. It is worthy of counting also 31 TVT and 255 pre-primary centres. Moreover, the Catholic Church manages on her own or in partnership with other institutions in post-secondary education with 9 undergraduate schools. Thus, considered as a key-partner in the area of education, the Catholic Church in Rwanda at different levels (dioceses, parishes and religious congregations) is fully committed to the promotion of education.