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Dear friends,

We are pleased to welcome you to the Website of the National Secretariat for the Catholic education (SNEC). The SNEC is one of the offices of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Rwanda, which is in charge of the lines with which the Catholic Church plans to trace the future of the catholic education. In itself, the SNEC coordinates all educational bodies of dioceses which apply, at the administrative, pedagogic and pastoral levels all programs oriented to the promotion of integral catholic education. Also, the SNEC ensures healthy relations between catholic education and public institutions.
Here you can find a room for deeply pondering and exchanging ideas on the issue of education in general and on catholic education in particular! This website should also be of help as it makes more accessible to a wide range of sources about catholic education: guidelines and priorities either at the universal or national level of the catholic Church.
Furthermore, our students and teachers could share on these pages their ideas, researches and innovations. In fact, this website intends to strengthen communion and collaboration between teachers, students, parents and all agents involved in catholic education. Thus, constructive information with regard to formal (schools) and informal education provided by the catholic Church in Rwanda will be available on this website as well. We welcome you again with hope that your visit to this website will be enriching.
Peace and Joy!!

Father Janvier NDUWAYEZU
Director of SNEC

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